about the poet…

i am allan arnold gamalinda aquino, professor and poet – not a great poet, to be sure, but a true one.

these posts are in-progress, seldom finished. some are possible inclusions in dreamlogs & other chronicles, a developing poetry collection.

selections from chronicles have been published in various journals including tinfish (u.h. manoa press), the northridge review, from the margins, disorient journalzine, angry asian man, tayo literary magazine, rattle, yellow chair review, the altadena poetry review, and amerasia journal.

the stuff here, though, is mostly new.

my influences are based on early 20th century lyricism. i’ve a deep love for the philippine english sensibilities of josé garcia villa, nick joaquin, n.v.m. gonzalez, and eric gamalinda. i borrow and steal from rilke, neruda, and early allen ginsberg. but i draw, primarily and most certainly, from my own experiences and ways of seeing.

i have been writing prolifically since 1992. my work evokes an emotional substance largely invisible in a dominant culture that emasculates and dehumanizes asian/pacific men.

evoke the speechless kiss.




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